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About Us

Scholaries was founded in 2012 by two university students. In their studies, they have noticed the frequent use of summaries, especially for studying for exams. Over the course of their studies, they have gathered dozens of summaries of both academic articles and books.

Furthermore, despite the large amount of academic literature in the world, the amount that actually gets used for teaching is not that large. Therefore, they aimed at creating a website where students from all over the world could share their summaries, as well as use other people's.

Our aim

The aim of Scholaries is to serve as a platform where students can easily share their summaries with other people. The summaries are easily browsable and searchable. The summaries should be used for self-use and academic purposes only. The summaries should help with studying for exams, or to easily establish which articles could be used for writing essays. In no way does suggest to use the summaries as a replacement for the actual literature.